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觉 / JUE (pronounced joo-eh) -verb; to sense; to awaken

JUE | Music + Art《觉》音乐+艺术节 is an annual urban festival that embraces the whole of Beijing and Shanghai. Celebrating its 6th year in 2014, JUE is all about showcasing the best of the local creative communities in these two great cities, as well as inviting artists from around the world to share their talent with China. We’re all about community, doing everything we can to set an intimate vibe, and to carefully weave every one of our artists and events into a multidisciplinary masterpiece.
JUE: 2 Cities, 1 community united through the arts.


Time Capsule: JUE 2013

Most of you reading this probably made it down to JUE 2013, which followed the same tried and true formula…but it was bigger, like an all-encompassing blanket of rainbows. 7 categories this time: -M...

Time Capsule: JUE 2012

In year 4 JUE became sensual, with the fest creating categories to make it easier for everyone to understand what was going on. These included: “See” – think photography, screening, getting your...

Time Capsule: JUE 2011

By year three, it seemed JUE had left a permanent mark on the Beijing/Shanghai arts communities, with artists and musicians now proactively reaching out with mad, amazing and dazzling ideas for events...

Time Capsule: JUE 2010

In 2009 the kernel of an idea that was JUE | Music + Art sprouted its little green leaves and reached out toward the sun. Emboldened by a year 1 success, the team ramped up for an even bigger exhibit ...

ANNOUNCEMENT: Pre-JUE 2015 Show with Swans!

Yes people, JUE is back! 2015 will be leaner and musically meaner, like a bullterrier with cute sensibilities. We’re sticking with what’s close to our hearts this year – everything will have an ...

Highlights from JUE | Music + Art 2014

We’re happy to finally present a wrap video of JUE | Music + Art 2014! With help from Solveig Suess and the folks at Redscale Studios Shanghai, we were able to capture and record some beautiful mome...