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知名潮牌Vans入驻《觉》新的第一代 // JUE NEXT GEN Goes “Off The Wall”






在《觉》期间(3月7日至23日)将你在现场或受《觉》启发而拍摄的作品上传至Instagram或微博@觉音乐艺术节(微博) 并加入话题#JUENextGen2014或#觉新的一代#(微博)你的作品就有机会赢得大奖!

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Lee Ranaldo + Leah Singer呈现: 多媒体艺术体验:《视而不见》

Lee Ranaldo和他的妻子Leah Singer从1991年开始一起合作,在现场将电影和音乐结合起来营造一种特别的现场效果。他们的表演在于探索声音与图像如何互动,并且将不同的元素融合。声音和图像都来源于每日的生活,而且表演也强调一种现场的个人体验。

在上海的演出上,不少学生,Sonic Youth的粉丝,中国人外国人都参加了活动,这样多元的组合也与表演的多观感体验相得益彰。观众坐在地上,Lee Ranaldo在人群漫步,与他们零距离接触。

日期: 2014/03/15 9:00 pm



C!HERE 艺术探险

如果你已经报名了这个活动,别忘了加入我们的微信公共号,微信会告诉你什么时候在哪儿集合,准备去玩儿什么!QR Code EMAIL


ABS Graffiti On 工作坊



亚洲电影周 《千锤百炼》





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The Groove编舞家展演


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The Fuzz”爱恨情仇”专辑发行全国巡演上海站

Screen Shot 2014-03-15 at 09.18.34

2013年10月31号,The Fuzz在”摩登天空”旗下成功发行了首张全长专辑《谁会做奔跑的马》,2014年3月乐队将展开为期一个月的”爱恨情仇”主题巡演。用乐队自己的话说,这张唱片对他们来说是一次颠覆,而P.K.14主唱杨海崧操刀制作,也为这张专辑注入了更纯正的后朋克色彩。在电子乐大行其道的今天,他们果断逆反潮流,把风格转向了80年代风行英国的后朋克上,他们不再追求外在的‘Bomb Your Brain’,而更加看重从内在将听众感动撕裂。对于The Fuzz来说,过去是可以抛掉的,要变就要彻彻底底,于是他们已经决意将旧歌雪藏,不再做为演出曲目。为保证摇滚乐的现场感,首次采用了同期录音,所用音箱和乐器设备大多是70-80年代产的古董器材,复古的音色,让人不禁联想到那个时代的传奇,比如The Cure和Joy Division。


票价: 40元 (学生)/ 50元(现场)


Vans have come on board to support JUE NEXT GEN! You know what that means right?

-10 NEXT GEN entrants will be selected to win a pair of Vans shoes.

-1 special prize will be awarded to an entrant who captures a truly “Off The Wall” moment. The prize includes a full set of Vans gear (top, bottoms, backpack and shoes).

Get Involved!


All you have to do is upload your photo to Instagram (or take it using the app) with the hashtag #JUENextGen2014 and your photo will be automatically entered into a draw. Grab yourselves some fan-dabby-dosy prizes why don’t ya!


Lucky you asked, there’s loads sorted for the weekend…


Lee Ranaldo x Leah Singer Sight/Unseen

Ranaldo and Singer have been working together since 1991 with film and music in a live setting. Their performances are explorations in how sound and image interact, with elements of chance embraced. The sounds and images are culled from the everyday and the performance invites a personal interpretation of the experience.

A diverse audience of students, Sonic Youth fans, locals and foreigners turned up for the debut in Shanghai, creating the perfect atmosphere. Lee wound his way around those sat on the floor, engaging with them and leaving his suspended guitar in their care.

日期 // Date(s) – 2014/03/15
9:00 pm 场地 // Location
映画廊 // Inter Gallery

C!Here Art Crawl

If you’ve already signed up for the event, don’t forget to join the WeChat group. You’ll get updates on where to meet / where to go / what to see!

More in Beijing:

JUE | Art Presents: ABS Graffiti On Workshop

Asian Cinema Week: China Heavyweight (Golden Horse Award)



Salsa and Jazz Theatre Dance Workshops

Ahead of the big choreographer’s performance / competition tomorrow at CA Club, there will be some crash courses in how to get your own feet moving. All levels and ages welcome!

The Fuzz LOVE HATE Tour

[Insert predictable pun on timeliness of show here]

Led by neurotic vocalist Jason – who drifted from the farthest reaches of Xi’an to Beijing on a journey of musical self-discovery – The Fuzz came into fruition in 2010. Featuring Ly, mArk, LBY and Jason, each have harnessed the power of their youth to unleash musical destruction on crowds. Their uniquely schizophrenic fusion of electro- rock and garage was first exposed in 2011 with Bomb Your Brain, the band’s first EP. 2013 saw the band sign with Modern Sky and release Running Horse, which was produced by Yang Haisong from P.K.14 who helped steer the band’s sound in a more post-punk direction. Adopting a no-frills approach, there’s little to get in the way of their unpredictable live show.


Tickets: 40RMB (presale) 50RMB (door)