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《觉》面孔:摄影师Thomas Rippe // Faces of JUE: Photographer Thomas Rippe

Thomas Rippe是目前居住在北京的一位自由撰稿人兼摄影师。在芝加哥和洛杉矶时,他曾为一些地下乐队拍摄照片,这也成为他摄影事业的开始。他的作品主题多为娱乐、旅游和新闻图片,但也会拍一些美食的照片,如果拍完可以吃掉它的话。在来中国之前,Thomas曾在卢旺达为美联社和美国之音工作了两年时间,他也通过非盈利组织Tiziano Project教当地年轻人如何摄影和做无线电广播。Thomas于2009年到达北京,在中国国际广播电视台主持了一系列的播音节目。他也在2012年的《觉》摄影工作坊中担任过讲师。







Thomas Rippe is a freelance writer and photographer based in Beijing. He began his career in photography shooting underground bands in Chicago and Los Angeles. He works mostly in entertainment, travel and news photography, but will photograph food if he gets to eat it when the photos are done. Before coming to China, Thomas spent two years in Rwanda working for the Associated Press and Voice of America News. He also taught photography and radio production to young Rwandans through the non-profit Tiziano Project. Thomas arrived in Beijing in 2009 and hosted a series of radio programs at China Radio International. He was also the instructor for the JUE Photography Workshop in 2012 and 2013.

RSVP to participate in the Live Photography Workshop! First session begins before the festival (SH 5th, BJ 6th)

《觉》现场摄影教室 // Live Photography Workshop Returns – This Time to Both Cities!


你将有机会学习到如何应对摇滚演出现场拍摄的种种难题。《觉》邀请到著名现场摄影师Thomas Rippe教大家怎样记录最珍贵的音乐现场片段。《觉》现场摄影教室将会分为两节课,第一节课大家将会学到如何在朦胧昏暗的情况下拍摄快速运动的摇滚歌手们,而第二节课将是一节长达90分钟的照片编辑课程。




Want to photograph rock stars and divas in their natural environment? Here’s your chance. Now you can learn how to handle the challenges that come with photographing rock shows. Led by professional photographer and JUE veteran Thomas Rippe, there will be one session before the festival starts to learn how to photograph fast-moving singers in dimly lit, smoky bars. After the last show, there’ll be another 90-minute session to edit the photos. SLR cameras are not required but you will need a camera with manual controls for aperture and shutter speed.