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过去和现在的故事:Jenevieve Chang // Stories Then and Now: Jenevieve Chang

艺术家Jenevieve Chang将参加“老书虫文学节”特别系列活动,讲“过去和现在的故事”。她将与我们分享在澳大利亚长大的经历。

Jenevieve Chang出生在台湾,从小她就想要成为活跃在舞台上的表演者。Jenevieve接下来的人生可谓说是一波三折,遇到了许许多多的挑战,而她的人生选择也不被父母所理解。

自2000年,Jenevieve Chang通过电影,剧院,舞蹈和现场艺术演出进行了很多表演。其中有一个项目叫“Pop-ip Bride”,她在这个项目中探讨了多维度文化中对婚姻,特别是对包办婚姻的看法,其中不乏传统的,多文化的,和现代的想法。




In this special series presented by the Bookworm International Literary Festival entitled ‘Stories Then and Now’, we explore what its like growing up in Australia through the eyes of Jenevieve Chang.

Taiwanese born Jenevieve knew from a very early age that she wanted to perform on the stage. Jenevieve’s journey is one of many twists and turns. Faced with many challenges along the way, her destiny was one that her parents found hard to accept.

Jenevieve Chang has been creating performances across film, theatre, dance and live art since 2000. One of her past projects was “Pop-up Bride”, which explored traditional, culturally diverse and contemporary notions of marriage – particularly arranged marriages – and how the institution is tied to family obligation, romantic currency and chance. You can read more on her website.

《觉》音乐+艺术节七类活动以及我们的合作伙伴 // JUE Colours


觉 | 音乐

觉 | 表演

觉 | 电影

觉 | 演讲

觉 | 文学

觉 | 圈子

觉 |艺术

我们将带来往年备受欢迎的传统活动,包括:《觉暖》市场、亚洲电影周、骑着自行车去《觉》,《觉》新的一代等等。在这里《觉》也需要多谢多年来一直在艺术方面支持帮助我们的合作伙伴:比如Beijing Improv,The Bookworm,Central Studios… 等

同时2014《觉》还将带来一系列新的艺术类活动以及合作伙伴,比如由Groove Entertainment带来的全新的“《觉》舞蹈教室”将在上海开课;北京的“均然艺术”所带来的舞台艺术;无盈利性质的文化交流组织World Culture Open(WCO)带来的精彩互动性活动以及更多。最后,我们当然不会忘了由Jing A Brewing Co.携手Jellymon/Re-Up.特别酿制的《觉》“牌”啤酒,将会在《觉》活动中有售。


You may have noticed we’ve got a bit of a rainbowey-thing going with our visuals this year. We don’t blame you for assuming our designer’s been eating too many skittles. But the reality is, JUE has events that span 7 distinct disciplines. These are:

JUE | Music

JUE | Performance

JUE | Film

JUE | Talks

JUE | Literary Events

JUE | Community

JUE | Art

We’ll be bringing back old favourites including the JUE market, Asian Cinema Week, Bike to JUE, JUE NEXT GEN and more. Also expect the return of some of our key partners, which include Beijing Improv, The Bookworm, and Natooke.

New kids on the block include Groove Entertainment; experts in dance performance who will help to get Shanghai’s city-dwellers jigging, Balance Art; an organisation that operates a collection of integrated centers for a variety of stage-based and visual art forms, World Culture Open (WCO); a non-profit organisation promoting cultural exchange, sharing and support at both global and local levels, and more! Oh, also look out for a special beer we’ll be serving up as part of a collaboration between Jing A Brewing Co. and Jellymon / Re-Up.