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Lee Ranaldo x Leah Singer坐客Split Works // Lee Ranaldo x Leah Singer @ Split Works HQ!

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我们把Lee Ranaldo带到了无解电台的录音室,他与我们分享了他现在的乐队The Dust和未来的计划(哇哦!这家伙还真是坐不住呢)。真让人期待他明天带来《觉》的演出呢!

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We pulled in Lee Ranaldo for a podcast – he talked about his current band The Dust and future projects (this guy never stands still). Can’t wait to catch the show tomorrow!

2014《觉》火热开始啦!// JUE Starts Today!

从去年12月我们就开始叨叨念的《觉》,今天终于要开始啦!虽说《觉》预热演出The Lumineers已经在2月份举办,但只要你跟着我们的脚步,就能体验到各类活动带给你的惊喜!




上海 // 7:30PM, 3月5日 // 2nd Floor

北京 // 7:30PM, 3月6日 // World Culture Open


预约报名邮箱 // 更多信息请点击: SH BJ




北京 // 11:00AM – 6:00PM, 3月8日 // 均然艺术中心



作为2014年《觉》音乐艺术节的首场活动,我们将展示2014《觉》所有的活动项目,并邀请形形色色的商家前来“赶集”。创意小玩意、复古艺术品、小吃、饮品,应有尽有。音乐方面来自新加坡的新兴民谣摇滚乐队MONSTER CAT以及来自Randy Abel Stable的环保好男人刘于思将为大家带来民谣之夜-作为你饮酒作乐的最佳配菜!另外,我们的好伙伴VICE亦将带来电影放映会,为大家在酒足饭饱逛市集到脚疼之后提供休生养息、促进艺术细胞极速增长的营养快线。



[上海] Pictureplane预售票在SmartShanghai上发售啦!

上海 // 10:00PM, 3月7日 // Arkham

60 RMB (预售) 100 RMB (现场)




[北京]ABS Graffiti On 工作坊

北京 // 3 – 5:00PM, 3月15日 //







觉 | 音乐:花伦 (Hualun)

北京 // 9:00PM, 3月7日 // 愚公移山

上海 // 9:00PM, 3月8日 // On Stage

觉|音乐+艺术节 x 迷路手册呈现: 杭州新声

上海 // 8:30PM, 3月7日 // On Stage

觉|音乐:亚洲新生摇滚力量MONSTER CAT北京专场 

北京 // 9:00PM, 3月8日 // XP

觉|音乐:美国Power Pop传奇Paul Collins’ Beat中国巡演上海站

上海 // 9:00PM, 3月8日 // 育音堂


北京 // 11:30AM, 3月9日 // Re-Up

都市养蜂 / 楼顶花园派对

北京 // 3:00PM, 3月9日 // Re-Up

觉|文学:Jenevieve Chang讲过去和现在的故事

上海 // 3:00PM, 3月9日 // 云采咖啡

觉|文学:澳大利亚获奖诗人Jesse Brand表演

北京 // 8:00PM, 3月9日 // 老书虫书店


上海 // 9:00PM, 3月9日 // DAATTIC





We’ve been bangin’ on about JUE since December: no more talk, let’s get the show on the road. We get that you might’ve cooled down a bit since the Pre-JUE show featuring The Lumineers. No problem, just follow our lead, get involved and immerse yourself. If you’re itching to get your hands on tix to the hottest shows, then check the JUE website for a heads-up. We’re sorting presales through Yoopay now!


[SH/BJ] JUE Live Photography Workshop

Shanghai // 7:30PM, March 5th // 2nd Floor

Beijing // 7:30PM, March 6th // World Culture Open

300 RMB for 2 workshops, and entry to 2 music shows



[BJ] Warm-up to JUE Market

Beijing // 11:00AM – 6:00PM, March 8th // Balance Art


*Part of Bike to JUE

The creative spring fair will kick-off this 6th edition of JUE, showcasing all the events to come and inviting specialty vendors to sell their wares. Also includes a silent auction, music by the Hutong Yellow Weasels, and VICE film screenings. MORE INFO


[SH] Pictureplane Presales are Live on SmartShanghai!

Shanghai // 10:00PM, March 7th // Arkham

60 RMB (Presale) 100 RMB (door)

Still got a few pre-sale tickets for Friday left! grab em quick and SmartTicket will deliver them right to your door. MORE INFO


[BJ] ABS Graffiti On Workshop

Beijing // 3 – 5:00PM, March 15th //

Training Room, 3F, Gung Ho! (Lido) Hairun International Residence, No.2 Jiangtai Lu


In this workshop, ABS will invite graffiti masters to share their experience and provide hands-on tutoring. There will also be an hour-long graffiti contest after the workshop! MORE INFO


Other Recommendations from the JUE program:

JUE | Music Presents: Hualun (花伦)

Beijing // 9:00PM, March 7th // Yugong Yishan

Shanghai // 9:00PM, March 8th // On Stage

JUE | Music x Lost Manual Present: Hangzhou New Noise

Shanghai // 8:30PM, March 7th // On Stage

JUE | Music Presents: MONSTER CAT 

Beijing // 9:00PM, March 8th // XP

JUE | Music Presents: Paul Collins’ Beat w/ special guests Round Eye 

Shanghai // 9:00PM, March 8th // Yuyintang

Re-Up Your Sunday Brunch by SOS café

Beijing // 11:30AM, March 9th // Re-Up

Urban Recreational Garden and Bee-Keeping Workshops

Beijing // 3:00PM, March 9th // Re-Up

JUE | Literary Event: Australian Writers’ Week – Jenevieve Chang performing excerpts from Stories Then and Now

Shanghai // 3:00PM, March 9th // Yuncai Café

JUE | Literary Event: Jesse Brand Australian Slam Poet Performance

Beijing // 8:00PM, March 9th // The Bookworm

JUE | Art: Dream Capsule: Digital Media Display

Shanghai // 9:00PM, March 9th // DAATTIC

DON’T FORGET <in all caps and everything> that you can enter our NEXT GEN photography competition on the 7th! Loads of exclusive JUE prizes up for grabs ooo0000 find out more here.