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Lee Ranaldo x Leah Singer坐客Split Works // Lee Ranaldo x Leah Singer @ Split Works HQ!

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我们把Lee Ranaldo带到了无解电台的录音室,他与我们分享了他现在的乐队The Dust和未来的计划(哇哦!这家伙还真是坐不住呢)。真让人期待他明天带来《觉》的演出呢!

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We pulled in Lee Ranaldo for a podcast – he talked about his current band The Dust and future projects (this guy never stands still). Can’t wait to catch the show tomorrow!

[北京] Lee Ranaldo脱口问答时间预约已满 // [Beijing] Lee Ranaldo RSVPs Closed


3月16日在尤伦斯当代艺术中心举办的Lee Ranaldo脱口问答时间活动预约已满。如果你还想参加讲座,请致电+86 10 57800200,申请加上候补名单。如果你错过了也不必担心,Time Out对Lee Ranaldo进行了详细深入的采访,不妨点击进行了解:

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别忘了Lee Ranaldo带来的“多媒体艺术体验:《视而不见》”




*BEIJING* RSVPs for Lee Ranaldo’s talk on the 16th @ UCCA have now closed. If you are still interested, you may call the UCCA on +86 10 57800200 to be placed on the waiting list. If you miss out, don’t fret, Time Out have published an amazing interview with the man himself:

Don’t forget about the performance itself!