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亚洲电影周在召唤!// Asian Cinema Calling – Subcultures, Countercultures, and all them other cultures…



仰光的召唤,是一部关于缅甸朋克文化的记录片,由德国电影制作人Alexander Dluzak和Carsten Piefke导演。




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放映会还设置了导演Alexander Dluzak的小座谈会。

Alexander Dluzak,1976年出生在德国汉堡,活跃于柏林与东京的电影制作人、电视台记者。专门报道艺术、音乐与亚文化类资讯,尤其关注亚洲地区。

Carsten Piefke,1970年出生于德国柏林,柏林电影制作人、视频剪辑师。执导过三部纪录片作品,参与过大量文化类主题电影剪辑工作。



注:图片来自Matt Grace


‘OY JUE, I thought there were gonna be some films!?’
What what? Yes films… the Asian Cinema Week series will be opening with a screening of Yangon Calling – Punk In Myanmar!

Yangon Calling is a documentary movie about the Burmese Punk Rock underground, directed by Berlin based filmmakers Alexander Dluzak and Carsten Piefke.

For young Burmese, punk provides a way to stand up against the pressures they have to face in their day-to-day lives. In the 90’s, sailors brought the first punk rock cassettes into the isolated country. Since then a scene with several hundred followers has emerged in Yangon.

Over the course of six weeks, the filmmakers accompanied a group of notable punks to their homes, met their friends and families, went along with them to work in a tailor shop and tattoo studio, checked out their rehearsal rooms and hung at secret concerts. They spoke with punks who had sat in jail and fought their frustrations with heroin. Yangon Calling is a film about life, about personal tragedy and the struggle for freedom.

The screening will be accompanied with a talk by Alexander Dluzak.

Alexander Dluzak (1976, Hamburg/Germany) lives as a filmmaker and TV journalist in Berlin and Tokyo. He specializes in reporting about art, music and subculture, with a strong focus on Asia.

Carsten Piefke (1970, in Berlin/Germany) lives as a filmmaker and video editor in his hometown Berlin. He has directed three documentary movies and edited countless movies about various cultural topics.

Watch a trailer on Vimeo!
*Awesome pics by Matt Grace