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“觉暖”创意市集来袭啦 // Did Somebody Say Marché?


除此之外,你还能找到艺术品,装置品,小吃以及即兴演出!来自新加坡的新兴民谣摇滚乐队MONSTER CAT以及来自Randy Abel Stable的环保好男人刘于思将为大家带来民谣之夜,作为你饮酒作乐的最佳配菜! 另外,我们的好伙伴VICE亦将带来电影放映会,为大家在酒足饭饱逛市集到脚疼之后提供休生养息、促进艺术细胞极速增长的营养快线。




We are excited to announce that the Warm-Up to JUE Market is back for 2014, this time over at our friend Balance Art’s place! The creative spring fair will kick-off this 6th edition of JUE, showcasing all the events to come and inviting specialty vendors to sell their wares. Expect everything from creative handicrafts to this year’s newest fashion designs.

The JUE Market will also be home to a variety of interactive artworks, installations, mouth-watering foodies, and spontaneous gigs throughout the day. Whether it’s a live body/face painting demonstration or talented musicians jamming together on stage, the Warm-Up to JUE Market is certain to be a memorable event to welcome in the Spring!


神秘的Monster Cat // Mythical MONSTER CAT

来自新加波,Monster Cat带来了浓郁感性的民谣摇滚乐,同时精致的器乐演奏营造出了丰富的意向。多层次的和声像是激发了超自然的力量,这些温情的情歌像摇篮般包围着听众。他们的音乐听上去脆弱而又强大,不断地在安抚你受伤的内心。

Monster Cat这一团名取自日文“化け猫”,在日本的传说中是一只有超能力的猫,而中文意为“猫变的妖怪”。传说中,这只猫会像幽灵一样纠缠它所在的家庭,当他们睡觉的时候恐吓他们,静悄悄的匍匐在他们身边,甚至获得人类的躯体外型来获得他的身份。



当然,在另外一些传说里,这只猫非常的忠诚和护主,随时准备着为他的主人献身。这些超能力的传说,生物与主人之间模糊的关系,既温和又反复无常的自然,都给Monster Cat带来了灵感与启发。虽然最开始他们尝试模仿The Smashing Pumpkins和Fever Ray,但现在他们已经找到了属于他们自己的声音。

Have you ever spotted a bakeneko?

Have you ever spotted a Baneko?


Hailing from Singapore, Monster Cat is a 4-piece band that channels lush, emotive folk-rock with delicate instrumentation and intense imagery. Layered harmonies evoke the supernatural as fractured love songs cradle listeners between the depths of intimacy and menace. Fragile yet powerful, their music echoes the ebbing of your subconscious hurt.

Monster Cat takes its name from the ‘bakeneko’, a cat with supernatural abilities in Japanese folklore. It is said a ‘bakeneko’ will haunt any household it is in, menacing sleepers, walking on its hind legs, and even devouring its owner and shape-shifting to take his place.

Yet, there are also stories that depict the ‘bakeneko’ as a fiercely protective and loyal creature, readily sacrificing its life for its owner. The band is inspired by this sense of the supernatural, the fascinating ambiguity of this relationship between creature and owner, stricken with a nature that is gentle yet volatile. Though they started off trying to imitate the dramatic force of The Smashing Pumpkins and Fever Ray’s play on myth through music, they failed spectacularly, creating instead a sound that is all their own.