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Saturday: JUE lineup



Tonight it’s all happenin’ in our favourite musty bomb shelter. Catch Blak Twang work the mic.

What better way to warm up for the main event, then a HIP HOP DANCE WORKSHOP? Get your moves down… prep now, watch some Youtube clips and crack out some Chicago footwork!


FILM – lots to look forward to. Each year JUE provides a platform for up-and-coming directors to find audiences, and bring to the screen some …more provocative works. We’re determined to help bring disclosure and transparency to issues that deserve to be given the time of day. Our LGBT series is always a favourite:

Asian Cinema Week: LGBT Cinema

ACW – Chinese and Asian Short Films
Alright Beijing, last call for our JUE beer, which will be available at the closing market. Pint of Shua Ye with a 帅哥, sorted. Read up on TimeOut Beijing.


Other Events:


Wooozy Community Film Special: VICE presents LCD Soundsystem’s “Shut Up and Play the Hits”



Des Bishop and Da Shan Comedy Night

“Awareness & Voiced” Spot Demonstration and Creation Sharing

活动信息更新:亚洲电影周 LGBT之夜 // EVENT UPDATE: JUE | Film pres. Asian Cinema Week: Chinese LGBT Cinema


Huang Chiung-Wei导演的《I Don’t Care》将会被更换为:

片名: 遗书
类型: 剧情实验短片
发行国家: 中国
长度: 14 ‘
语言: 中文
字幕: 英文
导演: 吴漫
主演: 吴漫
制片方: 漫不经心影像与艺术


Due to a technical issue with one of the films which was set to be screened tonight in Beijing, we will be doing a bit of a switcheroo.

I Don’t Care – by Huang Chiung-Wei will be switched with:

Title: Last Words
Genre: Featured Experimental Short Film
Country: China
Length: 14 ‘
Language: Chinese
Subtitle: English
Director: Jenny Man Wu
Cast: Jenny Man Wu
Production: Inadvertent Video and Art
Synopsis:After being beaten by her lover, the protagonist begins to think about the relationship between life, society, family, violence and her self-ego.

亚洲电影周LGBT之夜 // JUE | Film pres. Asian Cinema Week: Chinese LGBT Cinema




《柜里孩》(I’m Here)


导演:徐欣羡 (Choi Ian Sin)

语言:粤语 (普通话/英语字幕)



《一种孤独》(Some Sort of Loneliness)


导演:吴漫 (Jenny Man Wu)

语言:普通话 (普通话/英语字幕)

影片梗概:宇和军是一对多年的恋人。他们之间一直有另一个男人的介入。出于爱或者是好奇,军跟踪宇来到一个酒吧。在这里他见到了那个男人。 一个夜晚的跟踪和邂逅使三个男人心中的同一种孤独演化为同一种爱。



《柔抚》(The Taste)


导演:朱程 (Zhu Cheng)

语言:普通话 (普通话/英语字幕)




《红灯盏》(Red Lights)


导演:Doris Yeung

语言:荷兰语/英语 (普通话/英语字幕)



《Ten Years From Now》


导演:Jordan Schiele

语言:普通话 (英语字幕)



《I Don’t Care》


导演:Huang Chiung-Wei


We’ve curated a number of shorts that explore LGBT life through the Asian lens. This was achieved with help from notable gay filmmaker, writer and activist Fan Popo. Popo directs the China Queer Film Festival Tour, which has travelled to over 20 major cities in China since 2008. He has also participated in international exchanges in Taipei, Copenhagen and Los Angeles amongst other places.

Here’s the bill:

Film Title: I’m Here

Duration: 43mins

Director: Choi Ian Sin (徐欣羡)

Language: Cantonese (EN / CN Subtitles)


Some people may think that coming out of the closet is the main obstacle for homosexuals but the truth is that there are various circumstances that come up in daily life which need to be negotiated.  This is especially so for those who live in small towns. Due to the lack of information about homosexuals, they are often interpreted as being heterogeneous; only after exploring sexuality in the context of the wider world can their decisions and needs be fully understood.

Film Title: Some Sort of Loneliness

Duration: 14mins

Director: Jenny Man Wu (吴漫)

Language: Chinese (EN / CN Subtitles)


Yu and Jun were in love for years, but another man interfered in their relationship. Whether it was out of love or simply curiosity, one night Jun followed Yu to a bar, where he encountered this other man. One night of stalking made the loneliness of these men became one sort of love.

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