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创明鸟上海近期活动 // Films at Flamingo

懒洋洋的春节假期过去了,《觉》的合作伙伴Flamingo 创明鸟上海也开始进行相关活动的筹备工作,而这个周末,他们将率先进行两部电影的放映,为《觉》| 电影先行预热。


2月23日《I Love Me》:其中一部纪录片的主角最近已在上海形成大热的阵势,而且她还是波点的狂热爱好者。没错,她就是日本视觉艺术家草间弥生,近日上海当代艺术馆正在进行“A Dream I Dreamed”展览。





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After an extended CNY hibernation Flamingo have set the gears in motion in preparation for what will be some of our most provocative, insightful and stirring film screenings. Actually they’re first out the block, and have an event THIS weekend!

Flamingo are presenting two documentaries featuring two revolutionary artist acts who emerged in the mid-60s. The one that really interests us – and those obsessed with dots – is the screening of I Love Me –  on February 23rd. This documentary follows Japanese visual artist Yayoi Kusama as she brings her new series of 50 monochrome drawings to life, from nothing to infinity over 18 months. The pieces are currently on show as part of the “A Dream I Dreamed” exhibition in MoCA.

The documentary captures Yayoi’s creative activity as well as her daily life that surrounds the conflict between love, life and death. These ideas clash with each other both quietly and violently in front of the camera.

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