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亚洲电影周闭幕-《飞吧,金同志》// Girl Power! ASW Closing Event with Comrade Kim


金同志是朝鲜的一名女矿工,但她想成为一名高空秋千表演者,可这一梦想被一名自傲的高空秋千表演者Pak Jang Phil所打击,因为他认为金同志矿工的身份只能属于地底,而不是空中。


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我们还邀请到导演Nick Bonner加入我们的放映会,与观众进行现场交流。

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Comrade Kim goes Flying is North Korea’s first “girl power” movie. It explores the story of a girl who’s trying to reach for her dreams, to carve out her own future.

Comrade Kim Yong Mi is a North Korean coal miner. Her dream of becoming a trapeze artist is crushed by the arrogant trapeze star Pak Jang Phil, who believes miners belong underground and not in the air.

Take a breather and settle yourself for this heartwarming story of an ordinary girl trying to make the impossible possible.

The screening will be accompanied with a talk by Director Nick Bonner.