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Saturday: JUE lineup



Tonight it’s all happenin’ in our favourite musty bomb shelter. Catch Blak Twang work the mic.

What better way to warm up for the main event, then a HIP HOP DANCE WORKSHOP? Get your moves down… prep now, watch some Youtube clips and crack out some Chicago footwork!


FILM – lots to look forward to. Each year JUE provides a platform for up-and-coming directors to find audiences, and bring to the screen some …more provocative works. We’re determined to help bring disclosure and transparency to issues that deserve to be given the time of day. Our LGBT series is always a favourite:

Asian Cinema Week: LGBT Cinema

ACW – Chinese and Asian Short Films
Alright Beijing, last call for our JUE beer, which will be available at the closing market. Pint of Shua Ye with a 帅哥, sorted. Read up on TimeOut Beijing.


Other Events:


Wooozy Community Film Special: VICE presents LCD Soundsystem’s “Shut Up and Play the Hits”



Des Bishop and Da Shan Comedy Night

“Awareness & Voiced” Spot Demonstration and Creation Sharing

亚洲电影周强势回归 // Asian Cinema Week Rears Its Head


2013年,由Electric Shadows和《觉》音乐+艺术节共同举办的亚洲电影周,是一次对电影艺术势力的大胆召集与呼唤。其内容包括来自亚洲各地的电影长片、纪录片及短片,还有现场音乐,料理工坊及其他互动活动。作为本年初登场的新兴艺术活动,它构造了一个平台与契机,使得全中国最优秀的电影作品能够对国内公众公开,同时也为本地电影人创造了一个交流的社群,让他们得以见面,分享并推进发展各自的作品。同时,活动也将展映一些非大陆地区制作的出色亚洲电影作品,让它们得以与北京上海的观众见面。


2013亚洲电影周精彩亮点:《Mongolian Bling》

这是一部全新的见地独到的纪录片,它追踪记录了蒙古三位Rap艺人的生活。首映会上,影片导演Benj Binks会来参与一个Q&A活动。最后,电影里的主角Gennie和Quiza,北京本土MC Nasty Ray和一支蒙古传统乐队杭盖,会给观众带来激动人心的表演。

Mongolian bling


After a very successful inaugural year we are bringing back Asian Cinema Week. Look out for inspiring new films from the budding film industries of far-flung territories including Myanmar, Nepal and hopefully even North Korea…

In 2013 Asian Cinema Week was a bold call to cinematic arms. Including feature films, documentaries and shorts from all over Asia (alongside live music, panels and various other interactive events), the inaugural edition carved out a space where local filmmakers and fans alike could collide, share ideas and develop their works. Asian Cinema Week is an outstanding platform for exposing the best of Asian underground cinema.

Highlight from 2013: Mongolian Bling
2013 was a big year for the documentary format. One of the highlights of JUE was an in-depth study of the Mongolian underground hip-hop scene called Mongolian Bling. The China premiere was followed by a Q&A session with the director, and performances by some of the starring artists including hip-hop producer/rapper Quiza, MC Nasty Ray and Hanggai (杭盖) – one of the most active Mongolian bands in China.