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【公告】蒙古文化两场活动取消 // [CANCELLED] Stuck At The Border: Mongolian Events are a No-Go


因蒙古乐队Altan Urag私人原因,无法如期来华。原定3月21日及22日举行的“蒙古金属”摄影展和“蒙古艺术文化节”,两场活动正式宣告取消。请大家互相转告。





Visas are a pain aren’t they? Unfortunately one of our partners had a number of complications getting Altan Urag into the country, resulting in two event cancellations:

Jue x Rock Naadam: Mongolian Metal Heads Night

Jue x The Pearl: Mongolian Arts And Culture Festival f. Altan Urag