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绝妙的配对:Paul Collins’ Beat ft. Round Eye // What a Pair: Round Eye

朋克摇滚教父Paul Collins’ Beat将与本土乐队Round Eye合作,进行在中国的巡演之旅。

Round Eye 是全中国乐手最辣,头毛最多,声音最大的乐队!自2012年成立以来,Round Eye已经进行过3次中国巡演,1次亚洲巡演,为北京传奇乐队P.K.14、摇滚中坚M.O.T.O和Paul Collins做过开场,与Black Flag吉他手Greg Ginn合作发行了广受好评的12寸黑胶唱片Full Circle,并赢得了响亮的City Weekend年度乐队称号,而且是绝对没有暗箱的网络投票。

beat flyer


Screen Shot 2014-02-16 at 22.27.26

OMG listen to Carne Seca now! It’s had 888 clicks, which means the next person is guaranteed to become rich, basically.


这里还有一个记录Round Eye拍摄《Carne Seca》MV时的视频,点击图片播放。


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上海暖场乐队:空想家The Psyders



Check it out – one of our favourite flyers everer. As you can see, the Godfather of power pop himself is teaming up with local lads Round Eye. There couldn’t be a better pairing – Round Eye have a solid reputation as stalwarts of the local independent scene. Since their formation in 2012, Round Eye have gone on three China tours, one Asia tour, supported Beijing legends P.K. 14, released a critically acclaimed 12” LP Full Circle featuring Black Flag guitarist Greg Ginn and won the prestigious title of City Weekend’s band of the year in a totally un-rigged and reliable internet poll.

Here’s a quirky ol’ vid showing what the crew got up to in the filming of their twisted, mind bending, consciousness altering music video for Carne Seca.

Shanghai Supports:

The Psyders

Beijing Supports:

**UPDATE** – Mr. Graceless is out, Residence A is in!

**UPDATE** Also supporting:
Shanghai: DJ BO (spinning records and MCing)
Beijing: DJ Morgan Short (spinning records)

《觉》音乐艺人最新消息 // Latest Updates on our JUE | Music Artists

千万不要错过The Lumineers,已经不少人开始担心买不到票啦。虽说别担心,但是很有可能在春节前预售票就会售罄哦。

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Young Dreams获得了Spellemann奖项!呃……至于细节我们也没有太多可说的,这是一个相当于挪威格莱美的奖项,虽然我们看不懂挪威语的报道,但是还是恭喜啦!



Paul Collins’ Beat近日和Parasite Diet在美国巡演,他谈了谈关于即将到来中国巡演的想法:


Screen Shot 2014-02-16 at 16.42.20



The Lumineers are also known as ‘The Lumis’ – don’t miss THE LUMIS – we’ve had people calling up for tickets panicking already. Chill out, but FYI we’re looking to sell-out before CNY.

Young Dreams won a Spellemann (Norwegian Grammy) – we don’t have any more details because the press is all in Norwegian booo. But congrats.

Paul Collins’ Beat have been touring around with Parasite Diet in the U.S. – here’s what Mr. Collins has to say about China (interview featured on All Alabama):

Apparently over there all the clubs have backlines [amplifiers and drums], so you don’t even need to bring backline. We just show up with our guitars and rock out. We’re going to stop along the way and play these towns where rock ‘n’ roll is kind of nonexistent, so it’s going to be kind of crazy and wild. We’re totally lucky to be able to do it.

2014《觉》音乐+艺术节:他们是谁?Paul Collins’ Beat // JUE | Music + Art 2014: Who’s Who? Paul Collins’ Beat

The Beat乐队由Paul Collins组建。他年少时在希腊、越南、和欧洲多国居住,之后才回到老家纽约。他曾在名声赫赫的朱丽亚音乐学院学习。后又搬去旧金山,并于1974年 同作曲Jack Lee 以及贝斯手Peter Case一起组建了The Nerves乐队。The Nerves后来成为美国蒸蒸日上的朋克摇滚乐先驱之一。他们独立发行了四首单曲,其中就包括后来被Blondie翻唱而大热的经典”Hanging on the Telephone”。

The Nerves于1977年解散,Collins搬去了洛杉矶,并同贝斯手Steve Huff、鼓手Mike Ruiz以及首席吉他手Larry Whitman一起成立了The Beat乐队。The Beat曾与The Police、The Jam以及Joe Jackson一起巡演。他们经常做客电视节目,还与The Doors的制作人Bruce Botnick一起制作了首发同名专辑。这张专辑里有受到甲壳虫乐队以及飞鸟乐队影响的吉他演奏和动人和声,为日后大火的The Knack乐队派“细领带强力摇滚”奠了基。90年代,The Beat以Paul Collins’ Beat的名称重组,并组建了全新的组员:Juancho Lopez(贝司),Manolo Cahuchola(吉他),Christopher Bongers(鼓)。

特别暖场嘉宾:Round Eye。


Paul Collins’ Beat has an impressive lineage. Originally called The Beat, the band was founded by Paul Collins of The Nerves fame (1974). The Nerves were one of the pioneers of the burgeoning US punk-rock scene, independently releasing their own 4-song EP, which included that classic tune “Hanging on the Telephone” (which later became a hit for Blondie).

Buy records - they're good for your health.

Buy records – they’re good for your health.

After The Nerves disbanded in 1977, Collins moved to LA and formed The Beat with bassist Steve Huff, drummer Mike Ruiz and lead guitarist Larry Whitman. The Beat have toured with The Police, The Jam and Joe Jackson to name a few, and later recorded their debut self-titled album with producer Bruce Botnick (who produced The Doors). In the 90s, The Beat re-formed as Paul Collins’ Beat, continuing an amazing musical legacy with a new line-up that features Juancho Lopez (bass), Manolo Cahuchola (guitar) and Christopher Bongers (drums).

Here’s an interview with the man behind the name, the bastion of Power Pop himelf, Mr. Collins.

 Check out the band’s Facebook and Douban for more!


They will be joined by special guest Round Eye – more on these fellas later.