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“觉暖”创意市集来袭啦 // Did Somebody Say Marché?


除此之外,你还能找到艺术品,装置品,小吃以及即兴演出!来自新加坡的新兴民谣摇滚乐队MONSTER CAT以及来自Randy Abel Stable的环保好男人刘于思将为大家带来民谣之夜,作为你饮酒作乐的最佳配菜! 另外,我们的好伙伴VICE亦将带来电影放映会,为大家在酒足饭饱逛市集到脚疼之后提供休生养息、促进艺术细胞极速增长的营养快线。




We are excited to announce that the Warm-Up to JUE Market is back for 2014, this time over at our friend Balance Art’s place! The creative spring fair will kick-off this 6th edition of JUE, showcasing all the events to come and inviting specialty vendors to sell their wares. Expect everything from creative handicrafts to this year’s newest fashion designs.

The JUE Market will also be home to a variety of interactive artworks, installations, mouth-watering foodies, and spontaneous gigs throughout the day. Whether it’s a live body/face painting demonstration or talented musicians jamming together on stage, the Warm-Up to JUE Market is certain to be a memorable event to welcome in the Spring!


均然艺术中心 // Balance Art

Balance Art 均然艺术中心是2014《觉》音乐+艺术节在北京的主要合作伙伴之一。

Balance Art 1

Balance Art 5


Balance Art 8








Balance Art is one of our major partners for JUE 2014 in Beijing!

The Balance Art Center is located on top of the Tianheng Building (Wai Avenue, Dongzhimen) Beijing. It is a collection of integrated centers for a variety of art forms, including stage-based and visual projects. The space has been developed into two parts: the performance training area, and the recreation area. The Center’s central ethos is that “Beauty is from the heart, Force is from the will”. In accordance with this principle, the center actively encourages the releasing of physical and mental pressure through the arts, and maintaining a balanced lifestyle.

Keep an eye on the program for more information on:

Balance Art Body Awareness Workshop

Balance Art “Fleeing by Night” Performance

**They’ll also be hosting our Warm-Up to JUE Market**