今晚在上海,Sonic Youth吉他手Lee Ranaldo以及他的妻子,多媒体艺术家Leah Sing将联手为我们带来“多媒体艺术体验:《视而不见》”。这部多媒体艺术作品除了给观众带来一种亲密,多观感的体验以外,也是Lee Ranaldo对于视觉艺术绝佳的呈现。此前,我们有机会与Lee Ranaldo在他参加无解电台录制的时候聊一聊。结果却发现也许音乐根本就不是计划的一部分,当他离开Sonic Youth之后,他在纽约选择了进修视觉艺术。


Screen Shot 2014-03-14 at 14.22.39



日期:3月14日 星期五

**另本活动还将和“根茎唱片-Alpine Decline专辑 《Go Big Shadow City》黑胶发布会”绑定销售套票:票价为170元,包含免费大巴在两个场地之间的接送。巴士将准时于20:50从当代艺术博物馆出发并于21:15左右到达育音堂。

日期:3月15日 星期六



如果你是法语爱好者,三月香颂饕餮 Epsylon乐队 + Greis演出也在此次的《觉》音乐+艺术节中回归了,如果你对法国文化有兴趣,千万不要错过了这场法国文化盛筵。




- 别忘了《觉》x 亚洲电影周-《千锤百炼》上海站预售已经开始啦,你可以直接点击一下链接购买预售票。



亚洲电影周 – 缅甸Wathann电影节集萃

Screen Shot 2014-03-14 at 15.24.58


Screen Shot 2014-03-13 at 16.25.03


迷走神经是一支迷幻,噪音,擅长即兴表演的双人组合,成员分别是李剑鸿 (吉他) & Vavabond (电子)。李剑鸿是中国噪音/即兴演出中的领先人物。Vavabond则在现场用笔记本电脑即兴制作音乐,这在中国是很少见的。Vagus Nerve发行了三张专辑,而他们的现场绝对充满了活力和能量。





Yes indeed, it’s a big day for JUE! Arguably the pièce de résistance of the music / arts programming debuts in Shanghai tonight – Lee Ranaldo x Leah Singer’s Sight/Unseen show. Expect an intimate, multi-sensual experience that showcases the best of Ranaldo’s contribution to the visual arts. We got the chance to sit with Ranaldo whilst he spoke to Wooozy.cn for an upcoming podcast. Turns out music was never part of the plan – whilst he got swept up in the Sonic Youth project, his intention in New York was to study visual art! Never know what you’re gonna get ay.

Here’s a video of the performance, but bare in mind it’s designed to engage all the senses (well, maybe not taste…). Be there in person to get the most of it.

Show details:

Date: March 14th, 7PM
Venue: The Power Station of Art
Location: 3rd Floor Theatre, 200 Huayuangang Lu, near Miaojiang Lu
Ticket: 150 RMB (Door)

**This event information is different to the information in the programme. Due to a programming conflict, we will offer a special ticket for those people that want to go to the Lee Ranaldo show and the proceeding Genjing showcase. The ticket will be 170RMB, and will include a free bus between venues. The bus will leave the SPSA at 20:50, arriving at YYT at around 21:15.

Date: March 15th, 9PM
Venue: Inter Gallery
Location: Sevenstar Main Street 798 Art Zone No.4 Jiuxianqiao Road Chaoyang District
Map: http://www.intergallery.cn/images/cover_maps.gif
Ticket: 120 RMB (Presale) / 150 RMB (Door)
BUY HERE: https://yoopay.cn/event/LeeRanaldobj
* Pre-sales end on 23:30, Mar. 14th, 2014

More Going On Today:

There are a number of low-key third party events, featuring world music, underground Chinese talent, budding artists and more Burmese cinema screenings!

If you’re a Francophone, you’re in luck because “Mars en Folie” Festival is back in Shanghai for another year of festivities, discovery and showcases of the cultural diversity that exists between global francophone communities.

 In Other News:

-Please don’t forget that the screening of China Heavyweight in SH is PRESALE ONLY. You can grab yours now.


Asian Cinema Week – Best of Wathann Film Fest (Burmese)

Song Lyrics Translation Slam with Neemah (尼玛乐队)

Douban Showcase – JUE Special Edition

Vagus Nerve is a psychedelic/noise/improv rock duo composed of Li Jianhong (guitar) & Vavabond (electronics). Li is one of the most active leading figures in the Chinese noise/improv music scene. Vavabond uses a notebook to create improvised music – a unique approach rarely seen in China. Vagus Nerve have released 3 records, and are an absolute powerhouse when it comes to live music.


Raying Psychedelic Coalition is a musical project spawned from Nojiji – one of China’s oldest and toughest hippie communities. The band is a collection of Nojiji musicians without a purpose. Crowned Raying Psychedelic Coalition in 2011, the band does not have a static line-up or set-up. Instead the collective focuses on the chemistry between members; on unity through the bond of music.