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让电影充实你的礼拜天 // Sleepy Sunday: Get Your Fill of Films


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Lee Ranaldo 脱口问答时间(预约名额已满)

你一定不会在这场活动上打瞌睡!北京的观众你们能更好地体验到Lee Ranaldo《视而不见》演出的内涵,不妨问问Lee Ranaldo带着他的吉他环绕于观众时,被不同国家不同年龄的观众所包围时怎样的一种感受。

亚洲电影展 – 亚洲和中国短片展映


蒙古电影《穿越成吉思汗圣土》放映及导演Javkha Ara见面会

从2013年开始,《觉》便积极地开始推广蒙古丰富多样的文化。今年,我们将要放映由导演Javkha Ara拍摄的《穿越成吉思汗圣土》,这是一部讲述新兴蒙古城市达尔汗的纪录片。

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亚洲电影周闭幕 -《飞吧,金同志!》


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无解放映会特别篇:VICE呈现LCD Soundsystem纪录片

无解音乐网就像中国的Pitchfork,为大家提供国内外音乐的最新资讯,包括新闻,音乐评论等等。它不仅由铁杆乐迷所运营,而且也是为了乐迷而存在的,网站的运营者有信心引领音乐的潮流。不像其他普通的博客,无解音乐网还组织了不少线下活动,“无解放映会”就是其中之一,运营者还组成了义务劳动的字幕组,此外,无解音乐网还在上海大大小小的Live House举办小型现场演出。此次活动,在VICE的协助下,无解音乐网还将会带来一部音乐纪录片。

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The Groove编舞家展演


50RMB (预售)
70RMB (现场)

邮件:[email protected]
手机:138 17073544

《觉》表演xThe Shanghai Repertory Theatre呈现:Butch Bradley喜剧专场

今晚是Butch Bradley喜剧专场的最后一场啦,Butch的新作品灵感来自他待在上海这几个月的各种趣闻,包括他在Kung Fu Komedy的驻场的经验。在工作日来临之前,不妨再来喝一杯酒,在欢笑声中度过周末吧。


Everyone knows the best thing about Sundays is that you can do absolutely nothing and not feel bad about it. But as much as we may be willing to vegetate for 12 hours, it is JUE, and we do have a bunch of stuff happening which would allow for both! Say…a couple of amazing films…

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The Artistic World of Lee Ranaldo RSVPs NOW CLOSED

Let’s start off with the one you won’t want to snooze to: The Artistic World of Lee Ranaldo. Beijingers have the advantage here, as they’ll get the chance to dig deeper into the Sight/Unseen concept. How about asking what Lee himself experiences as he wanders through the audience with his guitar – are there any differences in the way audiences from different countries engage?

ACW – Chinese and Asian Short Films

So we originally set this up as a ‘Chinese Shorts’ event, but fortunately (!) we had a bunch of submissions from all around Asia. So we thought ‘hey let’s bust the boundaries on this thing’. It’s now a showcase of shorts from China and the rest of Asia! Check out the event page for a full billing with synopses.

ACW: Across The Sacred Land of Chinggis Khan screening with Mongolian filmmaker Javkha Ara

Since 2013 JUE has been proactive in helping to give exposure to Mongolia’s rich and varied culture. This year we will be screening Javkha Ara’s film Across The Sacred Land of Chinggis Khan, which represents a historical journey into the relatively recently established Mongolian city of Darkhan.

Asian Cinema Week Closing Event: Comrade Kim Goes Flying

Perhaps one of the most progressive films on the Asian Cinema Week billing: not only is it from North Korea, but it tackles the contentious issue of gender roles and equality. It is perhaps the quintessential girl-power movie, following one woman’s journey to realising her dream of becoming a trapeze artist of all things!

See the trailer by clicking on the image:

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Wooozy Community Film Special: VICE presents LCD Soundsystem’s “Shut Up and Play the Hits is the equivalent of China’s Pitchfork, providing the latest news, reviews and media content on China’s music scene. It is run by, and exists exclusively for die-hard music fans. The Community Film Series aims to bring the community of genuine music lovers together, for a night of film and good music. The staff put a lot of work into these nights, providing subtitles and keeping the events free. With the support of VICE, presents a true classic of the music-doc genre.

The Groove – Choreographer’s Showcase

Sore feet after a day of dance workshops? Give yourselves a break and leave it to the pros. This is more than a showcase – it’s a full-on competition, where you get to vote for a winning performance. Every choreographer will share his or her vision with the audience during a 2-hour dance-off. The winner will be chosen by audience vote, and will be given a cash price – 5000RMB!

50RMB (presales)
70RMB (door)

Book your ticket via mobile or email and use your reference number to claim tickets at the door:
email: [email protected]
Mobile: 138 17073544

JUE | Performance & The Shanghai Repertory Theatre Present: Butch Bradley LIVE!

Tonight is Butch Bradley’s final performance. He’ll be performing a reflective set, with repertoire based on his residency at Kung Fu Komedy in Shanghai. Get your chuckle on, and enjoy a final boost before the beginning of another working week!

Lee Ranaldo x Leah Singer坐客Split Works // Lee Ranaldo x Leah Singer @ Split Works HQ!

Ranaldo 1 Ranaldo 2 Ranaldo 3

我们把Lee Ranaldo带到了无解电台的录音室,他与我们分享了他现在的乐队The Dust和未来的计划(哇哦!这家伙还真是坐不住呢)。真让人期待他明天带来《觉》的演出呢!

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We pulled in Lee Ranaldo for a podcast – he talked about his current band The Dust and future projects (this guy never stands still). Can’t wait to catch the show tomorrow!

2014《觉》音乐+艺术节:无解放映会参上 // Wooozy Community Film Series jives with JUE


无解音乐网就像中国的Pitchfork,为大家提供国内外音乐的最新资讯,包括新闻,音乐评论等等。它不仅由铁杆乐迷所运营,而且也是为了乐迷而存在的,网站的运营者有信心引领音乐的潮流。不像其他普通的博客,无解音乐网还组织了不少线下活动,“无解放映会”就是其中之一,运营者还组成了义务劳动的字幕组,此外,无解音乐网还在上海大大小小的Live House举办小型现场演出。


最新一期的无解放映会还吸引了Global Times的注意,他们采访了无解音乐网的主编Fanmu。他讲述了如何组织这些活动,以及举行这些活动的动机:





Wooozy Film


We expect – a major source of info, insights, and top tips on what artists to look out for in China – will be organising a screening for us! is like China’s Pitchfork, providing the latest news, reviews and media content on the music scene here. It is run by, and exists exclusively for die-hard music fans; the trendsetters who pride themselves in staying ahead of their peers. Unlike any ordinary blog, also organizes offline events. These include screenings of specialist films (with the editorial team voluntarily contributing subtitles) and intimate showcases around live houses in Shanghai.

The latest edition of the Community Film Series drew the attention of Global Times, which interviewed Fanmu –’s Chief Editor. He highlighted just how involved these projects can be, and explained the motivations behind launching the series:

 Nowadays people are immersed in the Internet and online social media. There are few chances for them to gather around and communicate face to face. So we called our event ‘Community Film’ because we want everyone to feel like they’re part of a community and are connected.

These projects are rarely for profit; the value behind them lies in the experience. Fans are able to meet and take part in self-discovery through music. We’re really proud of what the team have achieved so far and can’t wait to see what they bring to JUE 2014!

To learn more, you can read the original press article here.

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